Rick Owens

American designer, at the Place du Palais Bourbon in Paris, is a faithful contributor to Département féminin. Who can forget the rock n' roll leather jacket worn by Kate Moss in Vogue Paris where he gained worldwide attention? The Rick Owens silhouette is something of a chameleon, the clothes often reversible, interchangeable with the body, simulating it and at the same time using rare materials that envelop it. Leather and fur seem to be sculpted onto the body, a second skin that is both soothing and protective. Blackwashed and earthy beiges, the colors are nuanced in such a way that renders them organic. The elegance of Rick Owens is "tinged with barbarism" and heedlessness, which is a bracingly distinctive idea of luxury.


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Rick Owens

Black Funnel-Neck Leather Biker Jacket

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Rick Owens

Black Blister-Washed Leather Biker Jacket

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